Our projects & realizations

Our company focuses not only on standard Corten material objects but also on individual design features according to client requirements . Our project suggestions try to bond clients expectations with the potential of Corten. Upon a meeting and consultation we can prepare design drawings or a 3D model, based on which we finalize the product documentation for the required Corten object..


Our company focuses not only on Corten products design and production; we provide installation service as well. Our realizations include garden objects and furniture, fences, gates and facades. Our wide experience with installing Corten material and our skilled workers provide guarantee for customer satisfaction

Examples of applications:

  • Facades cladding
  • Landscaping – supporting walls, flowerbeds, flower pots, garden separators…
  • Water features – fountains, ponds, waterfalls…
  • Design outdoor screens, fences and gates
  • Fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces and their equipment
  • External stairs and railings
  • Lamps, lighting, lampshades
  • Navigation signs, company logos
  • Works of art, sculptures
  • Outdoor furniture, street furniture…

…other ideas that are waiting for their realization. Steel maturates in exterior, develops surface patina, is maintenance-free and gradually lets its natural color show /develop / unveil. Therefore it is perfect also for natural environment.

Whether you like the cool color of mature Corten or its foxy shaded patina, you will appreciate the material both in interior; the fantasy of Corten is limitless

Interior desing

Dominant interior design element…

Examples of applications:

  • Fireplaces and their equipment
  • Stairs and railings
  • Lamps, lighting, lampshades
  • Works of art, sculptures
  • Lamps, lighting
  • Furniture, mobiliar

…and more ideas that are waiting for their realization. Corten steel is live and maturates in interior as well…